Sunday, January 28, 2007

Help my friend to dig infomation from our Malaysian IC smart card enabled

Today i was invited to help a friend of mine who are a software developer developing an application which apply smart card technology. Smart card is commonly used today. Look at our our malaysian identity card which has smart card enabled and known as MyCard. This is really usefull technology because it actually stores infomation such as your personal infomation, passport infomation, Meps and etc. Currently we are not that advanced yet to use our MyCard as a wallet to purchase stuffs, however one day we will. Well, my friend asked me to help her to create a service to read the MyCard infomation and then save those data into a text file. What i did was I did an interop with those .dll which provided by the smart card reader using p/invoke call using C# .net. I created a class just to hide complexity and encapsulate the MyCard data into a service class. Finally i create a method which write extracted data to a file. All done and my friend is just happy to say "I couldn't effort to lost this codes". Btw, we are lucky enough because we found a nice sofa and sit there for hours of programming while enjoying our coffee and cakes. We are in the Coffee Bean, MidVelly at that time. Initially we plan to go to Starbucks, however the indoor seats are all full.

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