Sunday, February 25, 2007

Carso Virtual University Proposal

These are the proposed features of this project and I would invite you who are interested in realizing the Open Virtual University Program.

Core features:

  1. Students and tutor membership management
  2. Class scheduling, course booking and students & tutors' timetable management.
  3. Students performance ranking and enrollment statistics.
  4. Automated e-exam creation by selecting question from questions' bank.
  5. Custom personal web pages for students and tutors.
  6. Course materials management. File sharing, upload and download facilities.
  7. Course enrollment system.
  8. Voting and suggestion system.

Optional features.

  1. Thesis plagiarism detection.
  2. Automated timetable scheduling system.
  3. Subject's advisor expert

All these features would be implemented in Dotnetnuke module. Any other web framework such as using community server 2.1 is under consideration. Custom ASP.NET framework maybe suggested.

I need 2 web designers specializing in skinning ASP.NET user interface. 5 software developers, 1 database designer. i will be your project manager i this Carso's VU project.

Please drop me a line if you wish to participate.


Ibrahim Zoaib said...

Can u help me to install Carso Virtual University.

usamaalam said...


I couldn't find the database in the project folder? Would you please help me where can I find the database backup or script?


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