Thursday, February 8, 2007

.NET deployment, i am stuck

Today i was nearly mad when i tried to deploy a CAB module. Initially, i need to deploy all the 10 modules however one of the module nearly make me crazy the whole day. What had happened was the module which I was deploying, could be installed successfully, however it was causing my application not to be loaded. I tried to figure out the causes of the problem and i found that during installation, some of my assemblies are replaced and therefore my application couldn't linked. Therefore i tried to deploy only those assemblies which are needed manually ( by default VS.NET will auto take care of it). There came another problem, the problem was that when i tried to deploy a assembly, let say moduleA.dll, all those dependencies of moduleA.dll will be auto deployed together with the moduleA. This is not what I wanted because the reason behind are those dependencies that causes the failure. I had tried various ways and I nearly going crazy. Suddenly i thought of one idea, what if i copied the assembly into another directory, let say I placed my moduleA.dll on to my desktop, and in hope that VS.NET is not so intelligent enough to detect those dependencies .dlls of moduleA.dll. Yahoo0o... now i managed to deploy those assembly that i want.

The conclusion is, way is always there, just be a bit creative when finding solutions. :)

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